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Shots from the Greenlab-Microfactory Maker exhibition accompained with a 3D experience comprising of three schools in Akure City (FUTA Staff School, Mountain Top and Best Solution International School), held at Premier Hub (Akure, Ondo state) to round up the One Student One Arduino programame in Akure. Visit our facebook page to view more . you can also get videos on this event from our youtube channel.

Tekly Children SummerCamp (Maker Exhibition)

Tekly was organized to teach children on thet basics of programming, which involves web development, Basic designs, elctronics and robotics pogramming in which greenlab_microfactory pathnered to pffer the sevice of electronics programming

The Kids Project April 2019

The Kids’ project is a powerful vision of Greenlab-microfactory with a goal of inspiring young minds (kids) about being a developer in this current century. The programme was hosted by Greenlab-microfactory at Akure Tech Hub. It was a programme that lasted three hours. The average attendees of the programme was about 50 people. About 30 Kids were present at the event, Staff and the other adult trainees of Greenlab-microfactory made up the remaining figure.
To read more about the Kids' project, Click me!


TICK, which stands for Talk is Cheap Kit, is a STEM kit developed by Greenlab micro-factory to effectively propagate and educate primary and junior secondary school student about science and technology.
TICK, equipped with 3D pens, circuit boards,sewing machines and even its own power generation system, is the miniaturized version of FabLab and other digital fabrication laboratories. Our intention is to find and nurture our Changemakers from the cradle.... Talk is Cheap - It's time to work

TICK STEM at Christ the Foundation Basic School (Ekiti)

TICK STEM at Honnex International School (Ekiti)

TICK STEM at Resonance International Model School (Ekiti)

TICK STEM at Great Minds School (Ekiti)

TICK STEM at Adams Golden International School (Benin)

TICK STEM at Winning International School (Benin)

TICK STEM at Rakie Education Centre (Benin)

TICK STEM at Parkville Preparatory School (Benin)

TICK STEM at Key to Success Educational Center (Benin)

TICK STEM at Lakeside Academy (Apatapiti, Akure)

TICK STEM at Adabs Scholars Academy (Stateline, Akure)

TICK STEM at VBS Children Gathering (Fiwasaye, Akure)

TICK STEM at Coriander Model College (Iyana Ipaja, Lagos state)

TICK STEM at Telnet International School (Akure, Ondo state)

TICK STEM at Just Once Model School (Akure, Ondo state)

TICK STEM at Oyemekun Grammar School (Akure, Ondo state)

TICK STEM at First Foundation School (Ile-Ife, Osun state)

TICK STEM programme held at RCCG nursery and primary school, mile2 (Lagos state)

TICK STEM programme held at Ambassador Demonstration school, (Ile-Ife, Osun State)

One Student One Arduino one week Bootcamp held at Mountain Top Nursery and Primary School, Akure (Ondo state)

One Student One Arduino Project Akure at Best Solution International School, Ondo state (Concluded)

The Youniversity project of the just concluded project can also be found on our facebook page, Click here, you can get the videos to the project on youtube, visit our channel Watch Me

In continuation of the strides made in our first community project 'Ajumose', and with the support of everyone, GreenLab Microfactory has officially commenced her new project tagged 'One student One Arduino’. This is a unique educational project to encourage innovations right from the cradle level, that is, from the primary education level in Nigeria.The 'One Student One Arduino' classes will be conducted triannually, that is, every 4 months (January to April, May to August, and September to December), with fresh participants enrolled at every new phase. To all those who supported us in making this project a reality, we say a very big THANK YOU!

One student One Arduino, Ibadan, Oyo state. (Completed)

AJUMOSE Open Source Solar power and 3D printer workshop (Completed)

Ajumose in the Yoruba language means collaboration, which is the inspiration behind this landmark event. The goal of this workshop is to encourage the mentality of Do-It-Yourself (DIY) and grow the open / distributive economy in the Nigerian community.

Day 1 of Ajumose

Day 2 of Ajumose

Day 3 of Ajumose


Cartooino Project Book for One Student One Arduino project [3.71 MB]
This book is a cartoon adaptation of the Arduino project book. The essence is to provide a more relatable, understandable, and kid-friendly version of the Arduino project book.

Ajumose Report [1.7 MB]
Ajumose's report

Ajumose Summary [1.4 MB]
Summary of Ajumose

Green Magazine's First Edition [10.3 MB]
GreenLab Microfactory's Project Magazine